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We are a private training studio with a lot to offer, much different from a regular gym.  You will feel welcome and we’ll get you results.  We believe your expectations will be exceeded with the quality of professional training and service you receive.  If you’d like to know more about what makes us different, just click the ABOUT tab or go straight to PROGRAMS to find exactly what you need.  And if you prefer to learn by experience, simply click HERE to schedule a complimentary training session or consultation to get the full experience of Paragon.  No strings attached!


Private Training in Issaquah doesn't get better then this.  Great Trainers and great results.
Personal training in Issaquah in your own private training suite
At Paragon Training Center we ofer Personal Training in a private training suite
Private Training or small group training available with a variety of sized rooms at Paragon Training in Issaquah

Please visit any link below to learn more about a particular service and let us know if you have any questions.


       Hours & Schedule

Studio Hours

Monday - Friday: 6am - 9pm

Saturday: by appointment

Sunday: closed


Private Ballroom Dance by appointment

Sunday:  9am - 6pm


Semi-Private Pilates

Saturday: 8:15am




Private 1-on-1 and Buddy Training
by appointment

Monday - Friday: 6am - 9pm

Saturday: 6am - Noon


Small Group Personal Training

Monday: 6am

Tuesday: 7:30am, 4:30pm

Wednesday: 6am

Thursday: 7:30am, 4:30pm

Friday: 6am, 4:30pm






Cardio area is open to active clients during regular studio hours.

Professional daycare is available at $4/hour.  Call for details.

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While we offer specials to help you get started, even without them each Paragon Program carries tremendous value, and that’s why we are completely transparent about our pricing, which you can find within each Program section.  We accept all major credit cards and, of course, cash or checks.  We offer corporate discounts for Microsoft, Boeing, Costco and Amazon clients - $15% OFF on first purchase and 5% further on, and 10% - for full time students and youth.  But the best part is that we never pressure you, we have no hidden costs or unexpected fees, year-long contracts or membership fees for you to “donate.”  If you get something – you use it and we hope, it makes your life just a little bit better.




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These are some reviews taken from around the web including Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook.
Individual results will vary. No guarantee of results is stated or implied.  Contact us for a complementary assessment of your situation.

Marlene W.

Sammamish, WA


Great trainers who will work with you to accomplish your goals. I have been going here for 6 years and would highly recommend it.  The trainers will work around any injuries or surgeries to help you regain your strength and flexibility  I had rotator cuff surgery last year and Eric has helped me recover my pre surgery fitness.  I have worked with several different trainers over the years and they were all very skilled and fun to work with.

Marlene W.

Wendi F.

Issaquah, WA


I have been going to Paragon Training Center  for about 9 months.  I have consistently gone once a week since last May.  When I started last spring, I couldn't do a knee bend or even climb the stairs without significant knee pain.  Zohan, my trainer, listened to my concerns and helped develop a personalized plan with adaptations to the exercises which prevented further pain... fast forward 9 months and now I am skiing every week and visiting the climbing gym again.  At 48 years old, my legs are stronger than they have ever been.  I highly recommend this gym and the personalized approach they take!   Oh, I forgot to mention the 60 pounds I lost.  YAY!!!  I feel confident and am energized again!  THANK YOU Zohan and Paragon Training Center!!

Jakki P.

Issaquah, WA


When I started coming to Paragon Fitness, I had been on the couch for 5 yrs w/medical issues. With them came the medications' side effects in the form of weight gain. My body didn't feel like my own. I decided I needed to find a place that could help me change the slow-paced lifestyle I lived. I needed one-on-one encouragement and trainers who were skilled and at could create a workout program suited to my situation and me!

The staff welcomed me and I found the atmosphere so positive! They did a full evaluation of my body, and I described the lifestyle I wanted. The cherry on the top is they really wanted to get to know ME! They helped me set small, attainable goals and we celebrated when I met them! (We're STILL celebrating recently met goals!) They also held me accountable for what I was eating & offered all kinds of nutritional information. When I was sore, they asked, "Where?" When I came in dragging my feet, they cheered me up.

Now, after my trainer & I have worked through my ups & downs, I've been dropping about 1.5 lbs. weekly for months!! I'm halfway to my goal weight and I feel the strongest I've felt in years! I still have about ten months to attain my weight loss goal, but I've already dropped a number of medications, I feel more confident and my mood is light! I'm more flexible from Paragon yoga classes and my muscles are in good shape from the Paragon stretch 'n roll classes.

I can't say enough thank you's to the entire staff, including my trainer who, in their busy schedule, makes time to personally email me to see how I'm doing.

Shannon B.

Renton, WA


Almost 100lbs down thanks in part to the wonderful trainers at Paragon. I was insecure and embarrassed the first time I walked through the doors. Do a plank? Walking through the door was hard enough. It's been over a year since that first day and thanks to all of the wonderful, non judgmental and knowledgeable trainers walking through the door is a breeze and I can even hold a plank for a reasonable amount of time. Zohan, Mitch and Eric are tolerant and patient to put up with a lot of my whining. I would recommend them to the newest of beginners to seasoned pros.

Amy M


Feb 2016

I have been weight lifting for years, at different gyms with different trainers, and Paragon is my absolute favorite.  Mitch is the first trainer that has gotten me to lose weight!  45 lbs!  He helped me to figure out what worked best for me, and I am in the best shape of my life!

Scott P


Feb 2016

My wife and I have been going to Paragon for the past 2+ years, 3 times a week.  We both love the individual attention we get the trainer, and love the fact that they can tailor the workout to our goals.  We also love the fact that it's a very comfortable place to work out, and the fact that all the trainers are so upbeat and friendly!  The gym has a lot of varied equipment, and the trainers use all of it to vary the workouts so we don't get bored.

Give it at try - what have you got to lose?

Holly Green


Feb 2016

I began training here 6 years ago. I was very much out of shape. Today I feel great. The 1:1 training and non-intimidating atmosphere ensure that I am there twice a week to keep my body in shape even when I don't want to get out of bed and go. No excuses.

Vidhya B.

Sammamish, WA


I have been training at Paragon training center for the past 10 years. This was supposed to be for 4 months initially to loose the extra pounds I had put on after my pregnancy. I shed all my extra fat/pounds and after 10 years, I am still going twice a week, every week. The trainers are excellent and focus on your goals (lose weight/inches, build endurance etc). You have a personalized plan to help meet your goal and the trainers prod you (every time you are there,  usually gently but relentlessly) to make sure you are following thru with it. There is no way you would be disappointed with the results. Personalized training cannot get better than this. I heartily recommend Paragon.

Mukesh Kumar


Feb 2016

Best place I have found for personal training. I have trained at big box gyms in the past. Experience at Paragon is many times better. Trainers are very focused and dedicated. I enjoy not waiting for machines. Trainers are ready to go with everything they need for the work out before I arrive. Worked with Zohan, Mike and Mitch. All three have been very good which gives me the comfort that they hire quality trainers.

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Paragon Training Center

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