Whether your child is active or not, athletic or not so much, healthy or struggles with excess weight, we know what to do to help.  We work with kids ages 10 to 18, creating positive habits and teaching them how to exercise right from an early age into a healthier adulthood.  Even as a well-wishing and attentive parent, doing your best to create fit and healthy habits for your child, you might be flooded with information from the web and your child’s physiology and preferences may very well be different from your own.  With all that in mind, there is nothing better than the guidance of a professional, experienced trainer in working with youth.  So click HERE to schedule a Free Trial Session for your child and a Consultation for you.



If your child is already in sports or is athletic by nature or habit, we know too well that it takes extra care to prevent injuries and muscular imbalances created by various disciplines.  From both, scientific research and our unfortunate personal experiences as youth in sports, we’ve learned that little attention is paid to cross-training (exercise outside of a specific discipline for health and injury prevention) by most athletic coaches in school, and, as a parent, you rarely know what exactly needs to be done to balance out sport-specific training.  So we deal with it professionally, considering each child individually, with their strengths and limitations, in order to prevent many issues such as joint injuries and back pain created by muscular imbalance and core weakness, as well as to contribute to a positive body image and improved sports performance.  We give an edge to every competitive athlete and do our part, ensuring the well-being of every active child we work with.



Not much needs to be said here.  We all understand the importance of being healthy, but often-times it takes years for us to do something about it, when the issues catch up with us.  Anything from back-ache to joint dis-function or diabetes to heart disease.  Not all of us are genetically fortunate to the extent of being naturally fit and healthy, and even for those who are, it takes upkeep.  But how do you teach a child, who is not inclined to exercise, those positive healthy habits?  That’s where we come in with professional guidance and fun safe workouts.  We enjoy working with youth and we are great at it, adjusting every workout to their level of ability and understanding.  We take care of your children, helping them grow into healthy adults with positive body image and proper exercise habits, improving their quality of live in and out of the fitness world.



We use two main approaches to work with youth and kids 10 to 18 years old – PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING, where the trainer works with your child one-on-one and BUDDY TRAINING, where your children (up to three at a time) can be trained together or you might team up with other parents to combine your kids’ workouts.  Please check out the links above for more information or click HERE to schedule a Free Trial Session for your child and a Consultation for you.




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