Running is one of many amazing ways to exercise.  Sometimes it carries with itself a bad rep for causing foot or knee issues, but we know from both, science and experience, that you can just run or you can run correctly and enjoy it.


Some people love running from childhood, for others it’s an acquired taste, yet for some it’s an uphill battle every time.  Whichever category you fit in, we have a running program for you.  Explore the options below or click HERE to schedule a complimentary consultation with your running coach.



Whatever your running pace is, whether you are a long distance runner or sprinter, leisure runner or one to take it up for the first time, there is always something that can be done to make you better and, believe it or not, to make running more enjoyable.  Besides, if you’ve ever struggled with shin splints or joint pain while running, a few tips and tricks from the pros may help alleviate those symptoms.

Depending on your starting point and your goals, we will set up a customized program just for you, to get you to where you want to be in terms of running.  Your Custom Running Program will be conducted in one-on-one or “buddy” format (if you have a friend, partner or kids you’d like to train together with.)  It will include all or any of the following attributes:


  • Technique and form evaluation and assessment
  • Individual progressive instruction
  • Performance based nutritional consulting
  • Race prep assistance
  • Outdoor scheduled runs with your coach
  • Complimentary group runs
  • Supplemental core, flexibility and cardio training
  • Indoor cross-training (to improve leg and core strength, body composition, muscular endurance and elasticity)

Click HERE to ask any questions you might have or to schedule your Complimentary Consultation.




If you like running with a group of people, whatever your pace is, whether you are our client or not, check out our complimentary outdoor RUNNING CLUB, led by an avid ultra-runner and Paragon trainer.  You’ll be a part of a diverse group of runners, ranging from 14 to 6 minute pace and from rookies to competitors.  We hold one to three runs per week at various locations, including paved, dirt, flat and hilly courses around three miles long (with longer options.)  You’ll never feel left out or out of place, but will get motivated to start and to keep running.  To check out or join our Running Club, click HERE.



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