With hundreds of websites dedicated to fit pregnancy, no one questions the value of pre-natal exercise, but we know too well that strenuous activities are not worth the risk of complications and on the other end of the spectrum, “going easy” on everything may be a waste of time.  And that’s where we come in.  Our professional career trainers, well versed on the subject of pre- and post-natal exercise, will guide your way through every trimester with safe and effective exercise.



We take this very seriously and if you are expecting, we will work with you in a Private (rather than group) format because we understand the individuality of every pregnancy, taking every nuance into consideration so you and your baby are safe while your training is effective.  Numerous studies speak of benefits of pre-natal exercise, such as:

  • Healthier mother and baby
  • Better heart health for your child
  • Prevention of child obesity
  • Greater athletic potential of your child
  • Less back pain for you
  • Decreased risk of constipation
  • Less weight gain throughout pregnancy
  • Increased flexibility
  • Time for yourself
  • More energy
  • Easier and shorter delivery
  • Bounce back faster

…and the list goes on.


You may visit our PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING section for more information on our training approach, or simply click HERE to schedule your Complimentary Trial Session or Consultation to get started on a healthier more fit pregnancy.



There are many reasons for Post-Natal exercise, with two topping the chart – getting fit and healthy after delivery, especially if there were complications, in which case PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING is the way to go and… let’s be honest with ourselves: getting that baby weight off!  We’ve worked with so many mothers of adolescent and grown children who are just getting around to taking care of themselves.  We are happy to help them, but if you get started on an effective training regimen during or shortly after your pregnancy, you won’t need us 10 years later.  As a new mother, you are worth the special attention and professional care which we will provide for you.  If you experienced complications or special conditions, we prefer to keep our sole focus on you with PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING, but if your pregnancy was more-or-less simple, there are many other options for shedding those baby pounds, such as SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING, CARDIO JAM, C25K and many complimentary client programs.  Just visit any of the above links or simply click HERE to schedule your Free Trial Session or Consultation and we’ll help you navigate through your options so you can choose the best care for yourself.







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