Jess Abbott Personal Trainer - CPT, CES, CNC Bio Following an acute injury at the age of 20, I found myself with unhealthy eating habits,﷯ high body fat along with health problems. Post injury in physical therapy, I decided to take charge of my health, decrease my body fat, increase my lean muscle, enhance my cardiovascular system and learn more about my body to develop a nutrient dense diet. During this journey I found myself in pursuit to help others achieve their health goals by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in 2012. During the last five years I've had the wonderful opportunity to apply my knowledge of Exercise Science with IRG Physical Therapy and various Personal Training Studios. I look forward to bringing my expertise to Paragon while providing an excellent, results-driven service to the community of Issaquah. Certifications
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Hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge
Snowshoeing at Gold Creek
Hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge
Snowshoe 5K race
50K running race at Baker Lake
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