To compliment your training regimen, we offer a variety of options for you to enjoy greater benefits of the efforts you put in.  Human kinetic chain consists of several systems, including neural, muscular, cardio-vascular and articulate.  The bio feedback process breaks down, affecting normal function and creating limitations.  In order to improve your functionality as a whole, we don't stop at muscular development but work on aligning all of your systems, though programs focusing on cardio-vascular conditioning, flexibility and even myofascial release.  To try out one (or all) of the programs below, simply CLICK HERE.



This may be the most laid-back workout you ever try, but you are likely to feel the difference it makes as soon as at the end of the first session.  This small group class begins with a short burst of core activation and warm up, progressing into the main segment of myofascial release, supervised by an experienced instructor, and ending with a rounded segment of stretching.

Fascia is a thin layer of soft tissue between skin and muscle, in which adhesions may form, creating a break in the kinetic chain, thus causing discomfort and even range of motion issues.   Myofascial release techniques are used primarily by physical therapists but there is a way to do it on your own with foam rolling.  You may have heard of it or even tried it yourself, but it is difficult to do it comprehensively or correctly without professional guidance.


To get a feel for Stretch-n-Roll, simply CLICK HERE.



The sessions are conducted in a semi-private format of 3 to 6 people which makes all the difference.  You never get lost in the crowd, wondering if the pose is right or the movement is performed correctly.  Our qualified instructors teach with hands-on method, correcting the form of every participant so your training is safe and beneficial.  The also allow for progressions, depending on your level, as we work with complete beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.

There are many well-known benefits to both practices, including improved mobility and core strength, better alignment and flexibility and increased concentration.  CLICK HERE to give it a try.



As usual, we save the best for last.  We keep it simple and affordable with drop-in rate of $29/session or a monthly $49 flexibility pass for 1 session/week or $89 for two sessions/week.  (As a personal training client of Paragon (private or small group) you get additional add-on discounts.)  CONTACT us to get your One Week Complimentary Pass to try all or any of the above.





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