Eric Meuli

Personal Trainer


After being involved in athletics at an early age, my interest in Personal Trainer on a hiketraining began in high school. The ability to control and dictate change in the body through specific exercise and nutrition fascinated me.


I began to fill this new yearning for knowledge of the body and it's intricacies at the University of Washington, and continued after while spending four years working at an outpatient physical therapy clinic. During this time I helped people rehabilitate from various injuries and ailments by teaching home exercise and stretching programs. It was here that I learned proper body mechanics and how to strengthen the body both safely and efficiently.


I enjoy teaching others how to reach their goals through exercise, proper nutrition, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. I believe that with the right guidance anyone can reach their goals if they approach this challenge with effort and a positive attitude.




American Council on Exercise certification

CPR certification

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